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Overlay Patch:

The pictures above are the before and after pictures of an overlay patch.  An overlay patch is appropriate for parking lots and driveways that still have a relatively sound foundation.  An overlay patch will have raised seams and are less expensive than saw-cut patches because they require less time and materials and do not require the use of an asphalt saw.  The process for installing an overlay patch is as follows:

  • Clean blacktop of loose debris.
  • Apply tack coat asphalt adhesive which enables proper bonding between new and old asphalt.
  •  Prefill designated area with asphalt and compact to level area as needed.
  • Install asphalt to adequately cover area tapering edges down to meet existing asphalt.
  • Compact with roller.
Saw-Cut Patch:
The pictures above are the before and after pictures of a saw cut patch.  A saw cut patch requires some foundation / stone work and the use of an asphalt saw.  These patches also require more asphalt than an overlay patch, usually 3" - 4" of asphalt.  Notice that the edges of the patch are flush with the existing blacktop.  The process for installing a saw-cut patch is as follows:
  • Saw-cut and remove existing blacktop.
  • Re-grade and compact existing stone base or dig-out existing stone base and reinstall crusher run stone.
  • Compact stone base.
  • Install 2.5" of type 3 dense binder and compact.
  • Install 1.5" of type 7F commercial grade asphalt and compact flush with existing blacktop.
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