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Individual cracks naturally develop due to shrinkage, oxidation, and deterioration of asphalt.  Cracks primarily develop along seams but can develop throughout an asphalt surface.  Quality asphalt sealer will seal cracks smaller than 1/4".  For cracks 1/4" and larger, crack filling may be an appropriate technique to prevent deterioration of your investment.  If cracks are left untreated, water will penetrate the pavement and cause additional cracking and damage to the stone base.  We do not recommend crack filling surfaces with alligator cracking.  These are areas with web like cracking where the blacktop has become brittle and failed due to a number of reasons.  A weakened base cannot support the pressure exerted on it and the tension in the pavement will develop alligator cracking.  These areas should be considered for more extensive repairs.  Please note that crack filling will not make crack disappear.  Crack filling is simply a more durable, elastic sealer of cracks.

Autumn Paving offers the following two crack filling options to our customers.

Hot Crack Filling:
Autumn Paving offers Hot crack filling primarily for our commercial and industrial  customers.  It is a very cost effective technique to protect pavement by preventing water from penetrating the asphalt surface and compromising the strength of the stone base.  This will also prevent the freeze thaw effect associated with the harsh WNY weather.  Hot Crack Filler is designed to seal expansion joints, longitudinal and transverse cracks, joints between concrete and asphalt shoulders, and random cracks.  Hot crack fillers are heated to a temperature of 350 degree's  and troweled into cracks.  It has a high softening point, which makes it well suited for parking lots and driveways. 

Cold Crack Filling:

Autumn Paving offers traditional Crack filling primarily for residential driveways.  It comes in a pourable form and trowel grade form and in many cases it can be applied by the homeowner prior to having the driveways sealed.  It can be purchased from any of your local home improvement stores.  
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